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The Legacy that is Dodge

Dodge, they say, is somewhere between 28 and 42 years of age. No-one knows and Dodge is not saying, though he says that age doesn't bother him. 'You're only as young as the last laugh before your age gets the better of a worse situation,' he was heard saying at a recent press conference.

Still to be married, Dodge has had numerous proposals but says he hasn't yet met Mrs. Right even though he feels he has been 'friends' with quite a few Miss Perfects.

He has an identical twin sister called Dolores and like Michael and Janet Jackson, people often wonder if they're not the same person. Apart from being a fine musician and singer, Dodge is also a master at most things he does. He specializes in being stealth on all occasions and is well-known for his Master Class workshops on Organic Dance. All these things, he says are hobbies and they grant him the opportunity to travel the world and do what he was made to do, that which is his passion: upholding world peace. So far, he sadly says, he has not been 100% successful yet.

So whenever you look around at life and realize what state the world really is in, rest assured, for somewhere out there under cupboard is the man, Dodge Monaco and things could've been so much worse if it weren't for his skill, his commitment, his devotion, his passion and compassion that he shares so freely with us all. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys, Girls and Pets this is DODGE MONACO!

Dodge drumming in Beijing

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